Much of my work is created as a result of pure observation of the constant changes taking place in my own garden. I record the seasons from the tightly closed, almost hidden, forms of early spring through to the dying, withered forms of winter. Often my ideas draw on the influences of Greco/Roman architecture to which I then introduce organic references creating a juxtaposition between natural and formal which also reflects my interest in the warmth and movement of Art Nouveau design. The rhythmic shapes and patterns of plants provide inspiration for a series of less structured pieces which form a large part of my production.

Nature of the work

My work, which is strongly thematic, involves the production of large ceramic forms, intended for siting in environmental spaces. Its objective is to enrich the garden environment with elegance and interest. Scale is integral to my purpose in that the work must have a sympathetic presence in the garden, reflecting but not dominating its intrinsic mood.
 All the pieces are fired to stoneware temperature making them very durable and resistant to most climatic conditions. The work is finished with very dry muted glazes.

Curriculum Vitae

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (1st class honours), in Three Dimensional Design specialising in ceramics, Middlesex University 1979.

Selected exhibitions

2019: AppArt; Godalming; Hannah Pescher; Borde Hill; The Garden Gallery, Broughton; Beaulieu Sculpture; Marks Hall, Coggeshall; Wisley; Savill Gardens
2018: AppArt; Delamore Arts, Devon; Garden Gallery, Stockbridge; Birtley House; Art and Soul, Haslemere; Doddington, Lincs; Savill Gardens.
2017: Appart; Birtley House; Fircroft, Albury; Kiftsgate, Cotswolds; Wisley.
2016: Birtley House; Kingham Lodge; Borde Hill; Turn End Gardens; Wisley; Avebury; Savill Gardens.
2015: Wisley; Savill Gardens; AppArt; Birtley House; Loseley
2014: Wisley; AppArt; Godinton House; Wyndcliffe Court
2013: Painshill Park; Wisley; Brenchly Sculpture Show; Bow House, Barnet; Fulham Palace
2012: Wisley; Guidlford Cathedral; Bevere Gallery, Worcester; Beaulieu; The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge
2011: Showborough, Twynings; Rococo Gardens, Painswick; Fresh Air, Quenington; Beaulieu; Sculpture in Paradise, Chichester Cathedral
2010: The Gallery Upstairs, Henley in Arden; Outside Art, Coventry
2009: The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge; Wisley; Artspace, Henley; The Sculpture Show, Tetbury; The Sculpture Show, Brenchley
2008: Wisley; Artspace, Henley; The Sculpture Show, Tetbury; The Sculpture Show, Brenchley
Savill Gardens; The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge
2007: The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge
2006: The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge; Bettles Gallery, Ringwood; The Dorset Garden Trust
2005: Bettles Gallery, Ringwood; The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge; Ceramics in an English Garden, Solo exhibition; Windsor Arts Festival
2004: The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge; Bettles Gallery, Ringwood
2003: The Garden Gallery, Stockbridge; Bettles Gallery, Ringwood; Beatrice Royal, Eastleigh; Jack in the Bush, East Yorkshire; The Bow House Gallery, Barnet; Art in the Garden, Hillier Gardens; Drawn from Nature, Exbury Gardens

Current practice

I work from my studio where I am currently producing work for commissions and exhibitions.  Each piece is totally hand made and unique with prices starting from £450.